nursery pictures + updates

I have been seriously nesting this pregnancy and enjoying making our den into a third bedroom for our girl. It is officially a third bedroom now that we have sealed the door- and you could never have known that it was there! It turned out great and I’m so thankful for a sweet Dad who can come and throw up a wall in a day. I just wanted to share some pictures of her space for inspiration and just for my records. Enjoy!


I wanted the room to be peaceful and bright, not your typical all pink girl room. In the house we were living in when Grace was born, I painted her nursery a beautiful mint color. I still miss those walls! I should bring them back one day for her. anyway…. I just was avoiding pink like the plague this time, and very into neutrals and all things multi-colored and bright. This rug just screams Happy!


My little tiger helper.. This organizer/changing table was my first diy project for this space. I found it at a salvage thrift store for 50$ – I think It was originally a vhs case from..the 80s? Really its hard to know. But it had a beautiful wood finish and it was “mid-century” so It had way too much potential to pass up. I took off the strange glass sliding doors from the front and painted the outer case pure white. Voila! two-toned changing table magic. I love the way it turned out!



This chair was a world market clearance find! It doesn’t rock of course, but we plan on eventually buying our own rocking chair runners and making it into a rocker. Theres’ a pretty awesome Pinterest post for that! >


and I got these sweet tiny gold dot sheets off of Super simple but adds some pattern and texture to the room.


This dresser was my second “trash-to-treasure” project. It was do I describe it? “Strangely finished 80’s looking office faux wood” look. Not cute. But it had a great structure, plenty of space, and it was “mid-century!” I used white chalk paint (no sanding for this mama) all over and then for the legs, well, I cheated. I could have chemically stripped the wooden legs, then sanded them and then refinished them a darker wood tone. BUT instead, I just mixed up a beautiful dark cherry brown acrylic paint and painted right on top of the wood. You’d never even be able to tell it looks so smooth! So much time and energy saved!


I wanted to paint a little something personal for Deborah’s room, since I had done so for Grace. And because sometimes I just need an excuse to bust out my paints every now and then!!! Just a simple bee for my little honey bee. (Deborah means “honey bee” if you didn’t know!)


“Bee Happy”


And I am loving these little IKEA book shelves that I have been seeing everywhere. They are SO cheap. I think they were 9$ each.. perfect for space-saving in a small room. The art on the top shelf was painted by Grace. I wanted to incorporate her somehow in the room and I love saving her little paintings. This one is a favorite!

Cant wait for my sweet girl to make her debut. She probably wont even be in this room for the first few months of her life, but I will make the most of the snuggles in our room until then!

We are all….Contractions, contractions and more contractions over here. She is keeping us all guessing on when she will come. Already showing her colorful personality 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!



3 thoughts on “nursery pictures + updates

  1. Love the room….bookshelves are pretty cool….Ikea?? Did you get them when you were there, or can we order online I wonder? I will check…. and I LOVE that rug! 🙂 Can’t wait for Deborah to be here!! xo

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